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Update 30.14.03

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Keep in mind that the mod is free! you can click 'No thanks, just take me to the downloads'

Nuclear Throne Ultra greatly expands Nuclear Throne, adding in new weapons characters areas, bosses, crowns, secrets, 60fps, widescreen, gamemodes and other mechanics. 

Each character has 5 (or more) ultra mutations. These are the mutations you get at level 10. One of these ultra mutations is a secret one, and you'll have to meet a specific condition to use it.

Each area has an inverted version that you can randomly encounter. In these areas enemies have less health but are much more aggressive including a different version of the boss. The inverted areas hold weapon mods which allow you to upgrade your weapons!

Ultra mod has its own unlock system, with B and C skins for each character and over 40 gamemodes to unlock. You can unlock all retail characters or unlock everything using cheatcodes if you do not want to unlock things.

Leaderboards! Ultra mod has its own dailies and weeklies. The weeklies consists of unique combination of gamemodes. To participate in the leaderboards you need a steam account and have steam open upon booting up the game. This also allows you to get notified in-game for new updates.

There is much more, such as a way to equip multiple crowns. Something that swaps your projectiles around so your machinegun fires lasers! And some other things that I won't spoil here.

The Ultra mod community is quite active so please join us and share your videos, feedback custom survival arenas and bug reports.
I will also regularly post updates there.


Nuclear Throne by Vlambeer is required to play this mod.

Updated 21 hours ago
StatusIn development
CategoryGame mod
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(64 total ratings)
Tags2D, Arcade, mod, Nuclear Throne, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Roguelite, Top down shooter, ultra, vlambeer


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Old school First version 85 MB

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I might be missing something really obvious but is there a way to play above 60 fps?

I may also be missing something really obvious, but I believe in vanilla NT the game speed was tied directly to the 30fps frame rate, and it seems to be the same here. Meaning, if you WERE to run this above 60fps somehow... good luck.

the 2023 beta version of the game on steam allows you to change the fps to above 60 in the settings but you cant play ultra mod and the beta at the same time unfortunately

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how do i make the active shift key


is the mole character real?




okay so I don't know if I did something wrong, but I've done what the instructions said with both zipped and unzipped files, and the mod just doesn't apply to the game, is there a solution?

Is there a way to get the ultra weapon before reaching level 10 or within 1 loop? I need the ultra weapon to select the secret mutation of the rebel, but I can't get it before reaching level 10.

avoid the rads

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An alternative way to get the secret ultra for rebel is to have no healing mutations when you reach level ultra.
Also the ultra scrapyard has guarenteed ultra weapons

anybody knows how to get into the idpd hq? i cant figure it out.

alguien sabe como entrar a los cuarteles del idpd? no logro descubrir como

Ultra mode doesn't seem to includes idpd HQ stage.

No podr铆an hacer una actualizaci贸n para poder jugar en modo Cooperativo? Ya sea en LOCAL o LAN?

There was no error in the old version, but after prelease the error seems to have gotten worse since version 30.xx. After a little bit of playing, the crash message window pops up and the game stops.

Hace 24 Minutos fue actualizado 馃馃馃

Hey All. Just thinking about buying the mod but want to make sure it works on steam deck and if there is any guide how to mod it. Any help would be much appreciated. 

Switch to desktop mode and enter file explorer. The Nuclear Throne folder should be located at "/home/deck/.steam/steamapps/common/Nuclear Throne/". Paste the mod files as normal, open your steam library, click "Add a Game" on the bottom left and "Add a Non-Steam Game..." Click Browse, and once again head to the Nuclear Throne folder and select the .exe for Nuclear Throne Ultra. Once the mod is in your library, right click it for properties, click compatibility, check "Force the use of a specific Steam Play compatibility tool," and the first option, "Proton Experimental," should work. After that it should run just fine!

To make it look nice, you can add a logo and custom background by downloading PNGs for the Nuclear Throne Ultra logo and some gameplay for the background like one of the photos on this page. Right click the empty background and it should have an option to set custom logo and set custom background.

If you ever need to transfer it, your game data will be stored in "/home/deck/.steam/steamapps/compatdata/[some string of numbers]/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/AppData/Local". You'll have to look for the numbers, but I believe it should be one of the longer ones. The "NuclearThroneUltraMod" folder can then be transferred from the steamdeck to a computer or vice versa to transfer the save data.

Btw, I'm not exactly sure if controller works because I haven't messed with it much, but a bluetooth keyboard and mouse work fine if you're okay with that.

Thanks alot. Will try it out.

quiero en modo co-op

usted no entiende verdad?

sabes que me vale verga

d茅jame en paz infelix ustedes y esos guevones de la comunidad en espa帽ol nunca podran conmigo siempre tengo multicuentas pendejos y nunca van a saber si soy yo o no soy yo pendejos tantas personas que hay jaaaaa

Porque quieres que un juego que ni puedes jugar por tu pc obsoleta tenga un modo cooperativo porque te salga de los cojones de mono que tienes

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i own nuclear throne on itch how should i go about playing the mod?

erdeppol quiero jugar la actualizaci贸n 26

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por que no puedo descargar la actualizaciones anteriores no estan los links por que?


porque ahora tengo que pagar 10 dolares solo para jugar la nueva actualizacion?


Why isn't there anything in the update log explaining what the latest updates are adding?


I will link those thanks for the heads up


Para cu谩ndo una versi贸n para Android?


Decent mod, but why tf is the exe so old looking? and not to mention how horribly put together the settings menu is? idk why it's not a simple ntt mod, but it's whatever.


Because it's built up from the original mod which predates ntt. Hence why it doesn't work like a normal ntt mod, it's built off a much older version of the game


Well, yeah of course, but why couldn't the mod be updated into ntt?


You would have to completely rebuild the mod to do that afaik

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anyone help me...

how to fix double speed bug?

tried delete option.ini 

Dunno if you ever figured this out but going to mention same text that is within the readme:

Remember to launch the game through mod's provided launcher.

Launching the game as normal results in double speed game.

I just grabbed the mod, and whether I launch it inside Steam, via a Steam Game Icon, or directly by double clicking the EXE in its directory via File Explorer, it's double speed.  Also, even when applied to the itch version I have of the game, it attempts to launch the Steam version of the game, oddly enough.  I thought I could fix this by temporarily uninstalling my Steam version, but it then still launches the Steam client (just not the game itself).




In my pc the mod doesn't have sfx :(

Is there a way to download individual characters instead of the entire mod?

do you plan to put new characters on the old version of the nuclear throne

you should try and add co-op or work with nuclear throne together 

I've recently 100%'d the game and started playing on random characters, but I get fish and crystal more often than not. Is it the game or am I just unlucky?

Deleted 1 year ago
error in action number 1 to Create Event for the UberCont object:
  Error defining an external function 
because it is giving this error?

the latest version crashes I don't know why

脥cone "Verificada pela comunidade"

Does it work if I got nuclear throne via xbox game pass


Hi! First I wanted to say that I'm very grateful to you for making mods of my favorite game (even though I'm kind of bad at the game lol. ). I confess that I was extremely excited when I saw that a new update came out today, but I couldn't play because my computer is not 64-bit, and I can't format it either (at least not for now), so, abusing your good will, I wanted to ask to make this mod work also on 32-bit computers. Thanks for the mod and for your attention! With affection, from a Brazilian fan.
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im trying to get the melting c skin and every time i get to loop 2 in either desert or jungle the portal just wont appear one stage and im sad

nvm please make it ntt if you dont wanna you can decline and not do it


as much as i'd love to see it too, this mod is from a completely different version and to make it work with ntt would require a monumental amount of work i think


Im so glad that this has been picked up again

 when i open old shcool it just says this 



action number 1

of Create Event

for object UberCont:

Error defining an external function.



action number 1

of Create Event

for object UberCont:

Error defining an external function.



action number 1

of Create Event

for object UberCont:

Error defining an external function.

and when i open the latest versions i need a 64 bit


please add a 32 bit

i really enjoy the content on youtube that say nuclear throne ultra mod

Will you add the idpd headquarters any time soon?

please make a 32 bit version please i have a potato pc please

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